Prohibited Products

Kitchen Switchen’s marketplace encourages the sale of products that embrace our sustainability mission. We do, however, welcome the sale of cookware, bakeware, coffee and tea, dinnerware, serve and flatware, kitchen gadgets, cook’s tools, cookbooks, cutlery, tabletop and bar items, linens, home storage and organizers, as well as small kitchen appliances. If questions arise regarding qualified products, please contact For the safety of our users, items outside of our supported categories and may be prohibited or unlawful, items may not be offered for sale on Kitchen Switchen marketplace. At no time may items be sold on the Kitchen Switchen site that do not meet current legal material sale authorization. Kitchen Switchen reserves the right through our terms and conditions to remove any listing that does not meet with our company goals and policies and will be removed at our sole discretion.

The below Prohibited items are not allowed to be sold on Kitchen Switchen marketplace, no matter how they are presented within any area of the seller’s marketplace store. Prohibited items may be canceled, and Kitchen Switchen reserves the right to withhold payment, may also be temporarily or permanently restricted from selling on our site.

If you see an item for sale on Kitchen Switchen site and believe it is in violation of this policy, please report it to We will investigate the claim and take any necessary action.

Prohibited Items:

  • Animals
  • Electronics
  • Food, makeup and personal care products
  • Mystery Listings
  • Clothing, purses or shoes
  • Counterfeit and Infringing Products
    • Counterfeit products are illegal to buy and sell, and strictly prohibited on Kitchen Switchen. No fakes, “inspired by”, knockoffs, replicated or falsified products may be sold at any time.
  • Nudity & Explicit Content or products
  • Medical Devices & Prescription
  • Firearms
  • Stolen, Recalled & Highly Regulated Items
  • Plant & Animal Products
  • Animals
  • Human Parts