About Us & Our Values

About Us

We're a sun-kissed trio from Arizona—two sisters and their supermom, where flip-flops are pretty much our official footwear. The youngest sister is the life of the party at her sorority at the University of Alabama, dazzling everyone with her fabulous, flamboyant flair and her baking genius right from her first apartment. Then there's our oldest sis, a hilarious new mom and dog enthusiast who's dipping her toes into baking while embracing all the cozy joys of being a first-time mom. Our amazing mom, a serial entrepreneur and widow with a heart full of love for dogs, has passed down her passion for cooking and baking, urging us to keep our family traditions alive in the kitchen while building responsible businesses.

We've always been about food, family, and fun—whether it's cooking up dinner, throwing parties (we've had tons!), or celebrating life's special moments. Every gathering in the kitchen is filled with laughter, scrumptious smells, and the joy of sharing our latest culinary creations. It's our magical way to unwind from our bustling lives and just cherish being together.

Our values & mission

Kitchen Switchen. Stir the Pot, Break the Mold.  We're on a mission to shake up the kitchenware status quo by forging a reseller marketplace that’s both kick-ass and kind to our planet. Our goal? To arm a league of conscious cooks with sustainable tools that don’t just create epic meals, but also protect the future of our badass Mother Earth.  Through our digital conscious culinary community, we’re cooking up a revolution!